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The West Hill Pond Association Serving the Community by managing and protecting West Hill Pond as a Community Resource.
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Focus on Aquatic Plants
West Hill Pond's Aquatic Plants
Help prevent and invasion!
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Update on Stormwater Runoff
Goosebuster! - a neighbor shares her learnings on our feathered friends.
Some thoughts on caring for a unique lake
When does the lake water level return to normal?
What can you do to show your stewardship for the lake? This issue of the West Hill Pond Association newsletter is devoted to bringing you information on some of the most important challenges to protecting lake water quality. And more importantly - we try to provide ideas on how you can show your stewardship by adopting land use policies that ultimately impact the lake - and participating in invasive aquatics training to be better prepared to identify threats to the lake ecosystem.

Examples: Thanks to those who contributed - Jamie Hall, Skip Sly, Mary Hourdequin, Sue Hall, Steve Unger, Peter Humphrey and Bill Adamsen.

This is our second newsletter and we hope you find it informative.
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