Landscape and Lawn care

New Fertilizer Laws in CT
Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Molloy has signed into effect Connecticut Bill 254 – which covers fertilizer application – and is designed go into effect October 1, 2012.

The Bill …

  • prohibits applying fertilizer containing phosphate to an established lawn except under certain conditions,
  • creates a seasonal moratorium on applying such fertilizer,
  • and bans applying fertilizer containing phosphate within 20 feet of a water body.

The Bill also requires establishments selling fertilizer to segregate fertilizer with phosphorus and post impact warnings. The Bill will be enforced by the Commissioner of Agriculture and not by local officials.

Keeping Leaves Out of the Lake

West Hill Pond if blessed by being surrounded by mixed hardwood and softwood forests. When autumn arrives, so to does the dropping of leaves. This has been going on since at least the last iceage though much in recent history has changed. The dense shrub layer of Mountain Laurel and blueberry that once covered the shores has in many place been replaced by lawns. Lawns are less effective at trapping the leaves and keeping them out of the lake.

Leaves – What You Can Do To Help!

  • Direct your lawn care provider to keep leaves out of lake.
  • Work wisely – don’t try to blow leaves on a windy day.
  • Blow leaves starting at the waterfront and work away from the lake.
  • Encourage Laurel and other native plantings along the shore which trap leaves in autumn – leaf mulch in the landscape can
    be good for the lake!
  • Compost leaves outside wetland regulated area, and away from the lake.
  • Protect your waterfront, keep beach sand out of the lake!
  • Remove leaves from shoreline before water levels return in spring.

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